Gov. Beshear Presents Nearly $6.8 Million in Funds to Laurel County

Gov. Andy Beshear joined local officials this week in London to present nearly $6.8 million in funding to benefit Laurel County that will go toward resurfacing roads, expanding access to high-speed internet, increasing economic development and supporting cleaner water.

Discretionary Transportation Funding
Gov. Beshear announced that $125,000 was awarded to the Laurel County Fiscal Court to resurface more than a mile of Buffalo Branch Road and $175,000 to resurface more than 2 miles of Buffalo Road. These roads have greatly deteriorated in the last few years to the point where the postal service is complaining about their condition. The Laurel and Jackson county school systems also expressed concern for the safety of the children using buses. The roads run in both counties.

High-Speed Internet Access
Through the Better Internet Program, the Governor presented over $1.1 million to Charter Communications to connect 448 homes and businesses in Laurel County to high-speed internet. The company will also contribute nearly $2.5 million in matching funds, bringing the total investment in this community to more than $3.6 million.

Kentucky Product Development Initiative Award
As part of the Kentucky Product Development Initiative funding announced in March 2023, Gov. Beshear today presented an award for over $1.5 million to the Laurel County Fiscal Court to support a project that will create a 105,000-square-foot building to attract new business in London.

Cleaner Water Program
Gov. Beshear celebrated $3.8 million to utilities in Laurel County from the Cleaner Water Program. The funding will go to the following projects:

  • $794,383 to the East Laurel Water District to install waterline and upgrade a pump station.
  • $792,300 to the West Laurel Water Association to install new waterline along Kentucky Highway 552, Topton Road and Rooks Branch Road.
  • $786,585 to the Laurel County Water District #2 to replace aging waterlines.
  • $738,968 to the Wood Creek Water District to install waterline and fire hydrants on Hawk Creek Road.
  • $527,068 to the London Utility Commission to replace a sewer main that serves homes near Kentucky Highway 363.
  • $164,103 to the Corbin City Utilities Commission to improve its sewer system.