Update on death investigation

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Charlie Loomis is conducting a death investigation regarding a male subject found dead by his room mate in the living room of their home on Laurel Road , 5 miles east of London on Sunday afternoon 4-29-2012 at approx. 1:24 P.M.

The victim is identified as: Kenneth E. Vincent age 36 of Laurel Road London. Allegedly, the victim and his room mate(Freddy Couch age 56 Laurel Road, London(-same address as victim) got into an altercation following an argument in their home shortly after midnight. Allegedly Vincent used a knife during the altercation, and Couch scuffled with him, and was able to overpower him. Alcohol was involved. No police or medical help was sought by either man following the fight.

Both subjects allegedly went to sleep-Couch in the bedroom, and Vincent in the floor in the living room area of the house, when Couch awakened to find Vincent dead where he had went to sleep.

The Laurel County Coroner’s office pronounced Kenneth Vincent dead at the scene. Assisting on the investigation was: Sheriff John Root, Chief Deputy Eddy Sizemore, Sgt Greg Poynter, and Detective Sgt Tommy Johnston. Autopsy will be performed on the victim to determine cause of death. The investigation is continuing by Detective Charlie Loomis. Following the investigation, the case will be presented to the next term of the Laurel County Grand Jury.


Update on 6-1-2012

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Jason Back, and Lieutenant Rodney Van Zant arrested Freddy Couch age 56 of Laurel Road, London on Friday morning(6-1-2012)at 10 A.M. at his residence on Laurel Road, 5 miles east of London charging him with the murder of Kenneth Edward Vincent age 36 on 4/29/2012 at their residence on Laurel Road. Couch was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The arrest was the result of an investigation conducted by Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Charles Loomis, where he determined by physical evidence, interviews with persons who had been at the scene, and autopsy results that the victim, Kenneth Edward Vincent, had been severely, and fatally beaten to death.

Update on home invasion

The initial press release sent out about the crime:

According to Sheriff John Root, following an investigation on a home invasion that occurred in Laurel County one male suspect is in custody in Morehead , Ky after police there were advised that Laurel County Sheriff’s Detective Daryl Zanet had filed charges on that suspect for a home invasion that occurred in Laurel County on 12-08-2011, 2 miles south of London in the Fariston Community. The victim, Eddie Vincent Davis age 51 was assaulted and robbed of money and prescription medications. KSP Trooper Scott Caudill of the Morehead State Police Post arrested Michael W. Townsend age 25 , Lawrenceburg, Ky in the Morehead area charged on Laurel County Sheriff’s Office’s charges with: Burglary 1st degree, Robbery 1st Degree, and Assault 1st Degree. The accused was lodged in Jail there.

Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Zanet also has a warrant on a 2nd suspect who is identified as: Joshua J. Campbell age 21 of Scott Court Apartments , Lawrenceburg, Ky charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Robbery 1st Degree, and Assault 1st Degree. He is evading arrest, and has not been located yet. Anyone with any information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office at 606-864-6600. They can remain anonymous.

The female suspect who came knocking on the door during the home invasion was identified as: Latasha Lynch age 21 of Laurel County—she was sought for Escape From Home Incarceration, and has since been located(in the Morehead area) and taken into custody.The investigation is continuing.


3rd Person arrested on Home Invasion Case-on 6-1-2012


Sheriff John Root is reporting that a third person has been arrested regarding the home invasion at Fariston which occurred in Laurel County on 12-8-2011 Arrested in Kenton County on 5-30-2012 was Joshua J. Campbell age 21 , who lists an address of Pine Grove Road, Beatyville,Ky . He was transported by Laurel Sheriff’s prisoner transport officer Luther Arnold back to Laurel County on 6-1-2012, and is charged with: Burglary 1st Degree, Robbery 1st Degree, and Assault 1st Degree. He is lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility. The other two persons arrested related to this case were: Michael Townsend, and Latasha Lynch-both arrested earlier this year.

Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Daryl Zanet is the investigating Officer.


Theft arrest off Northland Drive

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Deputy Milton Storm received a complaint from 911 Dispatch that a possible stolen vehicle may be on a trail off Northland Drive, 10 miles south of London, on Friday 6-1-2012 at 5:00 P.M. Upon arrival at the scene, Deputy Storm located the vehicle stuck in the mud along the trail. The owner of the vehicle, Jeffery Root, came walking up to the scene while deputies were there. The owner advised it had been stuck there for several days. As the investigation progressed, Deputy Storm determined the vehicle, a Ford Explorer, was not a stolen vehicle. However, Deputy Storm located 29 metal plates at the rear of the Explorer. The plates are used to go between crossties and tracks for railroad tracks. The plates are suspected to be stolen from CSX Railroad. The male subject(Jeffery Root) told Deputy Storm he had found the plates in the woods, however, Deputy Storm determined they had allegedly been stolen, placed in the Explorer and the weight of the metal plates had caused the vehicle to get stuck on the trail. Deputy Storm arrested Jeffery Root age 36 of Engineer Street, Corbin at 7:15 P.M. Friday charging him with Receiving Stolen Property under $10,000, and Public Intoxication, and lodged him in the Laurel County Detention Facility. The plates are valued at approx. $20 a piece.

Assisting at the scene was: Laurel Deputy Steve Hoskins, Deputy Greg Turner, and Deputy Robbie Grimes.

Traffic crash on Keavy Road

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Deputy William Bo Harris is investigating a two vehicle injury traffic crash which occurred on Saturday morning (6-2-2012) at 10:35 A.M. ,3 miles south of London on Keavy Road. Apparently, a Blue colored Ford Tempo pulled out of a driveway into the path of a south bound silver colored Grand Marquis. The Tempo collided with the Marquis and both vehicles came to rest blocking the roadway.

The driver of the Tempo is identified as: Clifford Healy age 73 of Keavy Road

A passenger in the Tempo: Clifford Healy Jr. age 49 ,of Keavy Road


The driver of the Grand Marquis identified as: Amy Bowling age 41 of Keavy Road.


All three persons were transported by Ambulance Inc of Laurel County to St Joseph Hospital London for treatment of injuries.


Assisting at the scene was: Chief Deputy Eddy Sizemore, Deputy John Inman, Court Security Officer Harold Roberts, London-Laurel Rescue Squad, and Laurel County Fire Dept

Assault arrest on Sam Black Road

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Deputy Kirk Mays responded to a complaint about a male subject allegedly hitting a 16 year old child in the head , on Sam Black Road, 2 miles west of London, on Friday (6-1-2012) at 3:22 A.M. Deputy Mays and other deputies arrived at the scene and overheard a commotion inside the residence, and upon knocking on the door, a male subject tried to run from the residence. When the male subject was arrested, he became unruly and began cursing and yelling, and trying to fight with deputies.

Arrested was: Matthew Henderson age 25, Roy Kidd Road, Corbin .

Regarding the original complaint, investigation determined that the 16 year old had been struck . Matthew Henderson was charged with Assault 4th degree(Child Abuse)

Additionally, Matthew Henderson was charged with: Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Public Intoxication, and Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree. He was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

KSP particpates Operation Blue Lights

(LONDON, KY) – The Kentucky State Police, Post 11, London will be participating in the state wide initiative “Operation Blue Lights” starting on June 01, 2012 and ending on September 03, 2012.



B = Basic traveling safety & vehicle maintenance

L = Lower speed in work zone areas

U = Undivided attention on the road & look for motorcycles

E = Enforcement of Speed, DUI and Occupant protection


Operation Blue Lights starts with you - the driver:

Basic Traveling Safety. KSP will provide drivers with a Safety Checklist for their

vehicle. These checklists can be used to ensure the driver’s vehicle is in safe

operating condition before making summer road trips. The checklist will also

provide basic safety tips when traveling away from home.

Lower speed in work zone areas. Summer months are prevalent for road

construction projects. Motorists need to take extra precaution in these areas

and slow down.

In Kentucky, over the past three years, there have been 16 deaths and 285

injuries in road construction areas .

Undivided attention on the road. Drivers need to be well rested before long trips

and keep their eyes on the road! Anything that would distract them such as cell

phone use, eating, reading, or changing the radio station.

*Driver Inattention is the #1 cause of crashes in Kentucky.

*In 2011, Kentucky had 61,142 crashes caused by ‘inattention’ resulting in

14,161 injuries and 164 deaths.

KSP is asking drivers to be aware of motorcycles on the road—another part of

keeping ‘undivided attention’ on the roadways.

Enforcement of Speed, DUI and Occupant Protection. Providing high visibility

enforcement in targeted areas with safety concerns.

Kentucky has a mandatory seat belt law for all passengers. Occupants must

buckle up – every time, every trip!


The goal, of this initiative, is to save lives by reducing the number of fatal and incapacitating crashes on Kentucky roads.


An emphasis will be placed on: Driving Under the Influence, Speeding, Work Zone Related Speeding, Occupant Protection (seatbelts, car and booster seats) and Driver Inattention Violations.


Last year in Kentucky, there were 721 highway fatalities. Of these, 123 fatal crashes involved alcohol.

Arrest on DVO violation

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Bailiff Kenton Scharf on Thursday (5-31-2012) at 12:10 P.M. arrested a male subject at the Laurel county Judicial Center in Family Court in London after the male subject came to Family Court with a female subject who had obtained an Emergency Protective Order/Domestic Violence Order against the male subject effective March 5th, 2012 ordering no contact with the female subject. Arrested in Family Court was : Jerry D. Vaughn age 35 of Lily Road, London, charged with Violation of a Kentucky E.P.O./D.V.O. , and lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility. Assisting on the investigation, and arrest was Bailiff Corporal Derrick Price, and Bailiff Dianna Watson.

Burglary arrest on Copley Drive


Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Sgt Tommy Johnston arrested a Lily area man on Thursday afternoon(5-31-2012) at 12:13 P.M. following an investigation into the burglary of Hurskin Saylor’s residence on Copley Road, 8 miles south of London(in the Lily community) on May 28, 2012. In that break in, 3 rifles and a handgun were stolen from the residence. On Thursday (5-31-2012) the three rifles and handgun were recovered at two different locations where they had already been sold. Arrested on Copley Road at a residence nearby, was Vernon Emler age 27 of Copley Road, Lily charged with Burglary 1st Degree, and lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility. Emler made a confession to deputies about the crime. Assisting on the investigation and arrest was: Detective Daryl Zanet, Detective Jason Back, Detective Brad Mitchell,Deputy James Sizemore , Deputy Shawn Boroviak, and Bailiff Shane Rice.

Arrest at judicial center

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Bailiff Kyle Gray arrested a male subject at the Laurel County Judicial Center on Tuesday (5-29-2012) at 12:05 P.M. charging him on a bench warrant for Failure to Appear in Court regarding a charge of Cultivating Marijuana -5 plants ,1st offense. The accused is identified as: Joshua T. Eversole age 21 of Hensley Road, East Bernstadt. He was lodged in the Laurel County detention Facility.

Stolen metal arrest

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Laurel Sheriff’s Deputy Robbie Grimes on Tuesday (5-29-2012) at 3 P.M. investigated a complaint that a male subject had in his possession stolen metal and parts that belonged to Wallen’s Towing in southern Laurel County. The owner of Wallen’s Towing had observed a male subject removing parts and metal from his property. Following an investigation, Deputy Grimes arrested Milford D. Osborne age 38 of Sycamore Street Woodbine on U.S. 25 w , 12 miles south of London charging him with Receiving Stolen Property under $500. He was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

Osborne stated that he thought the items were just junk.