Knox County Man Arrested Twice In Two Days

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says a man was arrested for the second time in two days after deputies responded to a car crash in Bimble. Officers arrived at the scene at the junction of 25E and 1304 where a car was stuck in the median with a flat tire. Witnesses saw the car swerving on and off the road before hitting a sign. The car then crossed the median, spun around, and went back into the median where it got stuck. The driver, 19 year old Lee McDonald, was still trying to pull out of the median. During the investigation deputies determined he was driving under the influence. McDonald was arrested the day before after reports of a suspicious vehicle parked on Prichard Branch Road. He was arrested after police found 14 Xanax bars, marijuana residue on a set of scales and a pill crusher on him. McDonald was again lodged in the Knox County Detention Center.

Lee McDonald