Autopsy Of Man Found In Laurel Lake Doesn't Point To Clear Cause Of Death

An update on a story we ran earlier this week: The Laurel County coroner identified a body found in a lake as that of 24 year old James Robert Wagers, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding how he died. Fishermen found Wager's body between 7 and 7:30 Monday morning in Laurel Lake, near the end of East City Dam Road. They found the body in Laurel County waters, not far from the Whitley County line. The two men who found the body did not want to be identified but said they could also tell the body had been in the water for a long time because it was in bad condition. They say the man was only wearing brown shorts and one sock. Coroner Doug Bowling says it appears the body had been in the water for several days. Police did not have a missing person's report on file for Wagers. Wagers' family members say he would often come and go and they had no reason to think he was actually missing. They also say he struggled with drugs. Bowling says there are no obvious signs of trauma on the body. A medical examiner finished Wagers' autopsy Tuesday, but it did not give investigators a clear cause of death.