The Matt Jones Show Came to Town

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The Matt Jones Show on Kentucky Sports Radio stopped by Lowe's in London to broadcast the show live on our sister station, AM 1400 The Wolf!  You can listen to The Matt Jones Show on The Wolf! 

Our Very Own Bridgett Gambrel Does A Skydive With The Golden Knights!!

George HW Bush celebrated his 90th birthday with a tandem jump with the Golden Knights and on the same day, so did Forcht Broadcasting’s Bridgett Gambrel, albeit from different locations. Bridgett joined a group of 29 others from across Kentucky and other states invited by the Army Public Affairs Recruiting Battalion. The group gathered at Ft Knox to participate in various activities, demonstrations and the highlight of the two day event, a tandem jump from 13,500 ft in the sky. The United States Army Parachute Team, nicknamed “The Golden Knights,” is the U.S. Army’s official aerial demonstration team. The Team travels around the United States, performing parachute demonstrations at air shows, major league football and baseball games, and special events, connecting the Army with the American people. Over the past 50 years, the Team has grown to more than 90 people. The demonstration teams perform more than 100 demonstrations a year with the help of the Team’s four dedicated aircraft. The Tandem section takes Soldiers and VIPs on tandem skydives. “It was without a doubt the most thrilling and unique event of my lifetime and I would do it again in a heartbeat if they asked. It was an honor to be asked to participate and I have made friends for life. It was quite the bonding experience for me and my “Geronimo Group.” We had all vowed to say “Geronimo!” when we stepped out of the plane…and every single one of us forgot. I guess we were too distracted with other things. If former President Bush had half as good a time as we did, then he surely had a blast” stated Bridgett. The Team represents the finest of Soldiers and personifies the Army Values, showing the world the professionalism, precision, and discipline of today’s modern Army. Here's the video...

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A Great Time At Great American Ballpark!!

We had a great time at Great American Cincinnati Reds affiliates we were treated to a suite for a game against the Dodgers...and we were paid a visit by Marty Brennaman!! Tune in for each and every game on your home of the Reds AM 1400 Classic Country, The Wolf!!
Reds Bunch

Forcht Broadcasting Represented On KBA Trip

Mike Tarter, President and CEO of Forcht Broadcasting and Bridgett Gambrel, General Manager of WWEL, WANV and WFTG in London and member of the KBA board of directors, recently represented Forcht Broadcasting on a Kentucky Broadcasters trip to Washington DC where they lobbied issues relating to broadcasters in both television and radio. The group of 35 broadcasters had meetings with Senators McConnell and Paul, Congressmen Rogers, Yarmuth, Whitfield, Massie, Barr and  Guthrie on capitol hill. The group of 35 broadcasters presented issues important to the industry such as proposed legislation on performance tax and advertising tax reform to name a few.

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